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Heritage Events: Concerts and Workshops

Heritage events continue with Arts Award celebrations at Pudsey Civic Hall
Thurs 15th March

Gamelan workshops will lead up to a big concert full of activities, revisiting ideas of the original celebration concert.

Watch this space for more information.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Bicentenary Projects

YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic invite you to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the completion of the Leeds Liverpool Canal with us and over 200 pupils from four Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres (SILCs) across the city of Leeds.

We launched this project with an interactive concert at Leeds Town Hall on the 20th June  - part of the Beyond Festival. YAMSEN:SpeciallyMusic worked alongside Artforms, Northern Ballet and Leeds Museums and Galleries in order to enable the children to explore ideas relating to the canal through music, art and dance. This concert will be followed by visits to local canalside locations: Armley Mills, Thwaites mills and canal trips.  Pupils taking part will have the option to complete a Heritage Discovery or Explorer Arts Award between now and March next year.

Some songs and performances showcased during the launch concert will be featured again in our children's choirs joint concert (click for more info) and our annual combined concert with the Wharfedale Festival of Music and Drama in Ilkley (click to learn more).

Preparing for the launch concert, YAMSEN: SpeciallyMusic (YSM) recently hosted three days of workshops for pupils in special schools and partnerships across Leeds as part of our heritage-focused activities this summer.


About 90 pupils from four Leeds SILCs came to play gamelan, sing songs about canals and visit the Leeds City Museum to learn about the history of Leeds and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Pupils saw a Leeds City Museum exhibit featuring an interactive map to follow the path of the canal.

In the
singing workshop pupils learnt tunes about living and working on canals and waterways.

Lawrence Rugg, a gamelan teacher from Hull, introduced pupils to YSM's own Javanese gamelan.  The gamelan is an ensemble of tuned gongs and metallic instruments that play the classical music of Indonesia.  The repetitive tunes and gentle sounds reminded us of footsteps of people and horses walking beside calm canal waters.

Following these workshops, YSM hosted three public walk-in gamelan sessions at Leeds Town Hall as part of the Beyond Festival on Thursday, 16 June.

With thanks to:

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“Music, dance, drama and art are often a key way for many of our young people to communicate or express their thoughts feeling and emotions.”
-John Fryer, Principal of the South SILC

“This sounds an amazing project and one which we are looking forward to being involved in.”
-Diane Reynard, Principal of the East SILC









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